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Making Your E-Commerce Website Productive

With recent trends in online shopping, brick and mortar are quickly becoming a thing of the past for shopping. With safety issues at the forefront during Covid outbreaks, many people now depend on order and delivery for convenience. This means that businesses need an eye-catching, professionally designed, user-friendly website. Zgraph Web Design is one option.

Key Elements

The essential factor in e-commerce success is loyalty. Repeat customers ensure a business will keep going for years to come. Additionally, a happy customer is a free advertisement. Studies show that reviews are a powerful decision-making tool in purchases. This means that a website needs a plethora of ingredients for sales conversion. Some interesting ways to accomplish this are:

  • Search wizard –  Clients need to have an avenue to look for the products they want. A product finder should include a drop-down of relevant items to lead the buyer where
  • Megamenu – With a mobile responsive mega menu, e-commerce businesses ensure that buyers easily navigate to categories and subcategories. One popular website design for 2021 is the centered menu.
  • Carousel – Adding a carousel slider on the home page offers viewers top-selling products at the beginning of the experience. This addition often equates to sales.
  • Banners – An animated banner is an element that leads to clicks. Also, a countdown timer for sales or discounts is an excellent way to provide urgency.
  • Micro-animation – People love to be entertained. A strategically placed micro-animation keeps visual interest and engages the visitor.
  • Minimalism – Minimalism in homes gained popularity in the last decade, and website design recently joined this train of thought. For some people, a busy, crowded website corresponds to an anxiety attack! Additionally, a minimalist site means less loading time and an opportunity to lose the buyer while they are waiting.
  • AI – Strides in artificial intelligence technology enables sellers to use chatbots more effectively to complete the sale. Customers receive help with sales and transactions via automated chatbots.
  • Dark mode – One of the latest trends in website design is dark mode. This allows smartphone users with OLED screens to conserve their battery while making a website edgy and unique.
  • Checkout page – The checkout page should be quick and straightforward. E-commerce buyers don’t want to waste time.
  • Visual commerce – A thorough product description is required but adding a 360-degree view, close-ups, and videos go a long way towards encouraging a purchase for an online viewer. Also, clear, appealing images present a quality product.
  • Interactive – Some companies use an interactive video to depict their brand’s story and the history behind it. This provides a fun, personal way to convey the mission of a business. An interactive video is also helpful for explaining product benefits.

Budget Considerations

With many other ways to move a website from so-so to wow, small businesses don’t always have the budget needed for fancy changes. The above options range in low to high costs, so keep this in mind when considering alternatives. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction and quality products must be the focus, but the presentation pulls in the sales. E-commerce businesses face a lot of competition, so a well-thought-out, easily accessible, and manageable website is vital to profitability.

Who Should I Hire?

Looking for website design in Atlanta is overwhelming with all of the choices. Researching ahead of time will result in making a good decision. The best process is to look at the following:

  • Experience – The amount of time and type of experience a company has is always a deciding factor. Ask for references and check those out. Take a look at previous work done to ensure it is professional and functional. This is the perfect representation of what to expect.
  • Awards – The American Advertising Federation awards businesses with superior ratings for website creation.
  • Reviews – As with any business, reviews give truthful, honest information about a website design company.
  • Must-haves – Ask questions to make sure the company can perform the must-haves.
  • Budget – Is the cost budget-friendly?
  • Niche – A website design company should help with leads, social media, SEO, email marketing, and click-throughs. These achievements are necessary to build a productive website.