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Temple Run – Popular Smart phone Game in the World

Temple run the endless running, fun video game is developed and published by imangi studios. The husband and wife of Keith Shepherd and Natalia, produced, designed and programmed this game and the art work is done by Kiril Tchangov.

This game is the most popular game in the world of smart phone. Why it so popular because it is an ideal fermium model where the whole game is free to play and it includes creative controls. Every people similar to smaller one to adults are like to play this game because of its design and the curiosity to go to the next stage of the game. It gets the large impact from the people. This game not only attracts the people who are all playing, it also stimulates the people who are all listen. This is the major specialty of this game.

Interesting factors

Temple run has been a massive hit among the people because of its easy game play. This game is easy to understand and play but very tough to expert. It’s a performer control and adventurer game. The character he/she who stolen the treasure from a temple is pursued by the devilish monkey who would like to eat that character.

This is an endless running fun video game so it doesn’t has any end of the temple so player plays the character until he/she caught by the demonic monkey or the character get terminate. While the character he/she is running, the player is able to move the character in the sides of right/ left / jump by tilting your device. It helps to collect the coins and escape from the obstacles. At what time player wants to move the character right/left, they swipe their finger on the touch screen according to the direction and if they wants to jump over/ slide down, they swipe their finger upwards & downwards.

While you are running you can collect coins, credits, power ups and more boosts ups. These coins and power ups helps you to unblock many characters, upgrades, credits and more. There are three kinds of coin, the gold, blue and red coins. Each coin has different values, golden coin has one credit, red has two and blue has three.


Temple Run- 1.4

Temple Run 2- 1.15.1

Temple Run-Brave- 1.5.2

Temple Run-Oz- 1.6.3

How to Play the Game

  1. Download the game Temple Run according to your version preference. It’s a very popular and free game so you can easily search this game on your app store or Google play Service.
  2. Open the game. It will take few seconds of loading and it will redirect you to the home page with menus. You can use the menus to understand the game otherwise you can start the game immediately.
  3. The game is easy to understand so make acquainted with the buttons. Keep your eyes on the track while you are running. Because there are lots of obstacles to face on the running path.
  4. Use the tutorial mode to learn the basics of temple run.
  5. While you are running collect the coins, gems, power ups, and credits as much as possible. It will help you to unlock the upgrades, characters and it’s used to escape from the disturbance.
  6. It’s an endless game so keep on running gives you more points or credits.
  7. Whenever you complete you’re a game, your score is added to your store credits. You can use this credits to buy upgrades, utilities and wallpapers.
  8. Use the collected coins to purchase power ups or collect it while you are running. The available power ups are: Mega coin, coin magnet, invisibility, boost, score bonus, gem bonus, shield and bolt.
  9. The game might look like one directional but there are some available objectives. You can use these objectives to complete the game with more bonuses.