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Tired of Transferring Data Manually? 3 Reasons to Try a Managed File Transfer Software

Before computers, getting information across the country could take weeks and ran the risk of getting lost. Now, computers have rendered the wait times for accessing and sharing documents negligible.

Unfortunately, along with new technology come other risks. Those looking to steal sensitive or important data from your business have become more resourceful and creative, which means that if you are sharing private or sensitive data, it’s imperative that you protect it.

Sending these documents through email or another unsecured service can result in disaster. While you must share data securely and reliably, you still want it to happen fast and easily. This is why we recommend the use of a managed file transfer software.

What is managed file transfer software?

Managed file transfer refers to software that manages the secure transfer of data from one remote location to another, such as from one computer to another through a network. Managed file transfer software is preferred by corporate enterprises over other file transfer solutions, such as FTP or HTTP since it offers a high level of security and control. MFT applications are available in a couple options and are most often offered as on-premise licensed software packages or as software-as-a-service (or SaaS) packages.

Why should you use MFT software?

If you’re still not convinced that MFT software is the right direction for your business to take, consider these following reasons:

It’s safe

It’s rare that a week goes by when we don’t hear about an information breach at a high ranking or powerful enterprise. From dating apps to credit reports, the amount of sensitive information online that can be stolen and used for nefarious purposes is staggering. To protect your business and your clients it’s crucial that you use software that assures safe and compliant transfer of files. MFT provides you with non-repudiation, encryption and fine-grained, rule-based access control that lets you know your data is in safe hands.

It’s user-friendly

Intuitive and user-friendly, MFT software allows users to manage their own transfers while still remaining secure. Using easy-to-understand web interfaces allows the simplifying of file transfers by making the entire process more accessible and approachable. This means that your employees will feel comfortable using the software; while you will be confident knowing that your company’s sensitive documents stay secure.

It’s compliant

Depending on the nature of your work, you may have to adhere to different compliance standards. Regulatory compliance standards are goals that organizations seek to achieve to make sure that they are aware of and are taking the necessary precautions to comply with any laws, policies, and regulations that might affect their work. Compliance controls permit customers and clients to be assured that the organizations’ they’re dealing with and permitting access to their information are taking all the necessary steps and precautions necessary to protect their data.

If your business works within one of the many realms that have to adhere to regulatory compliance, you may well know how difficult it can be to find external software that doesn’t violate those rules.

Luckily, many MFT software companies have made these regulations a part of their business and can provide compliant software that allows you to stay within the standards and guidelines, while still being able to easily transfer your data and keep your company running smoothly.