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Sony Smart watch 3 Review

Sony released its third-generation of smart watch with the name of Sony Smart Watch 3, let’s read this review to know more about it. Recent days are smart wears are the incredible part so the Sony announced its new couple of Smart Wear one is the Smart Watch 3 and another one is the Smart Band Talk. Both will reach the market by this autumn and the Smart Watch 3 will be priced at €229 and the Smart Band Talk price still hidden behind the Sony screen.SmartWatch 2

The price of these smart watches may be more than the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live but we don’t know about the price of the Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Important advantage in Sony’s Smart Band and Smart Watch 3 is you can easily remove the main unit from the straps easily, so you can easily change your strap and you can wear it a per your choice of color.Sony SmartWatchSony Xperia Z1 C6908Sony Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52

Sony Smart Watch 3 has a 1.6in Transflective LCD screen with the 320 x 320 resolution which is the improved version than the Gear Live. The Sony Smart Watch 3 powered by the 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM A7 processor and 512 MB RAM. Storage remains the same as the Sony Smart Watch 2 with the 4GB eMMC flash memory. The Sony Smart watch 3 offers NFC so it can be easily pair with other devices and it also includes the ambient light sensor, accelerometer, vibrator, compass, gyro, microphone and GPS.

The Sony Smart Watch 3 powered by 420 mAh battery, so it can withstand with a single charge for four days. The Smart Watch 3 charges via microUSB and you can use your Sony Smart watch 3 in rain or you can dive in the water by wearing it because it is water proof. So wait for few months and enjoy your world with it.

Comparison between the Android Wearable

Recent decade begun with the trend of wearing the Smart watch on valuable wrist, but many people still having so many queries about the recently launched smart watches like what to buy, which is worthy and which is less cost and more. Now the review will help to reveal, many of them from those questions.

Comparison between LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live:


Price is the most considerable factor while planning for purchase, among the three the G watch is less with the price of £159, if you pay little extra you can buy the Samsung Gear Live, but the Motorola Moto 360 is more costly than the other.


The Motorola Moto 360 is the stylish because of the round shape and then the Gear Live is both thinner and lighter than the G Watch. Important one is you can change the strap of the G watch to any 22m strap but the Gear Live’s strap is fixed and the Moto 360 reached the market with the leather or metal strap.download


Except Motorola Moto 360 both the Samsung and G watch having the square shaped display, Samsung display has the higher resolution at 320×320 compared to G watch resolution 280×280. The entire smart watches screen always on to read the notifications quickly without forget.


The Gear Live and G Watch both powered by the 1.2GHz processor ad also having the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, USB charging but the Moto 360 can be charge by wirelessly. All the three has an accelerometer, compass and gyro sensors, but Samsung adds a heart rate monitor but the G Watch and Moto 360 lacks in that. moto-360.smartwatch

Other important features:

All the three working on the android operating system with the version 4.3 Jelly Bean and the battery life is lower on the Gear Live with 300mAh capacity while the G Watch has 400mAh capacity.

So consider all the above mentioned features of the android wearable, when you are going for the purchase of the Android smart watch.


Show off your uniqueness by Samsung Gear Live

Show off your uniqueness and individuality not only in smart phones, even in smart watches too, by wearing the stunning Samsung Gear Live smart watch. The new Samsung Gear Live now allows you to wear the android technology with the better notification. Now read the review to know more about the features of this best of Samsung.

Samsung Gear Live


Just say Ok Google and get all the personalized information whatever you want? You can set your reminders by just saying it to remind me on some other time. You can also sent text messages by voice and it will navigate you as per your location as the request. You can know more info about the flights and more by asking the questions by your voice. So move trendy by wearing it and show you’re unique by voice search.

Now get your all notifications on the stunning display by synchronize it with your smart mobiles by the Bluetooth, which has the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean platform. So it can be compatible with the all 4.3 jelly bean based smart mobile and higher too.
Now you can express your stylish by showing off the better clock designs over the sAMOLED screen with the various colors. The new Samsung Gear Live has the Heart Rate Monitor sensor, which will help to keep you healthier by tracking your heart rate every day.

So the above mentioned features will surely impress you more and the Samsung Gear Live makes your many routine works so simple and alerts you always as per the reminders you set by the voice, because of these reasons you always like to wear it, are you worry that the dust and water will halt this. No the Samsung Gear Live resistant from the dust and water. So wear it always and stun your life

So go smart with the Samsung Gear Live technology wherever you want without carrying your smart mobiles and get more personalized information without searching by type and get everything easily by your voice. So procure the Samsung Gear Live and look unique in your group.