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5 Driving Gadgets For A Smoother Ride

Gone are the days of wrestling with steering wheels and feeling every crack and bump in the tarmac. Modern suspension and power steering have drastically improved the comfort and ease of driving. However, there are now ways to further increase this smoothness even more so through a plethora of gadgets. For those wanting to go the extra mile when it comes to driving comfort, here are just some of the pieces of tech available.  

Tyre pressure monitor

Driving on underinflated tyres doesn’t just affect grip, it can also cause you to churn up more fuel, costing you more in the long run. Most of us forget to check our tyres before each journey. Fortunately, there are now tyre pressure monitors available on the market that can scan our tyres whilst we drive. With such a gadget you can always ensure that you’re driving on well-inflated tyres.

Air bag suspension

There are plenty of types of suspension out there. Air bag suspension is one of the smoother options available, using airbags to cushion the ride when going over bumps or rough terrain. For off-road driving it can be particularly effective at preventing rattling. It isn’t cheap, but if you’re regularly going over rough terrain and feeling it in your bones, you’re likely to appreciate the magical softness that air bag suspension provides.


For those that are a little too heavy-footed on the gas pedal, the eco-pedal can smoothen out your driving by applying pressure back onto your foot as you accelerate hard. This results in less revs, which in turns causes you to use up less fuel and save money.

Fuel economy gadget

Many modern cars now have monitors within them for measuring fuel economy. These monitors can tell us when to shift gear and when to ease off the gas. Not all cars have them, however for those that don’t it’s still possible to buy a separate fuel economy gauge.  These work on all cars built after 1996 and are equally able to tell the driver when to switch gear and when to ease of the gas, resulting in smoother driving.   

Smartphone mount

Most of us like to have our smartphone handy in the car either to use the GPS, accept Bluetooth calls or stream music. Most modern cars still don’t have sensible places to put these phones and so they can end up rattling around in the central storage unit or sliding across the dashboard. A Smartphone mount gives you somewhere easily accessible to place your phone so that you can easily read the screen and access it if needs be. Smartphone mounts generally fit all devices including GPS units. Some are even able to hold tablets.