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8GB Fashionable Rocket Shaped Metal U Disk USB Flash Drives Memory (Golden)

8GB Fashionable Rocket Shaped Metal Golden Drives is a brand new product in the market which is affordable with the price ranging from $8.39 to 26.96$ per piece. It is available in Golden color with the metal material with the bullet style.

8GB Fashionable Rocket Shaped Metal U Disk USB Flash Drives Memory

Main Features

This product has got the unique feature of portable 8 GB rocket shaped metal design. It has the standard USB2.0 interface and also it will offer you an easy way to read in high speed. You can easily plug and play into a USB port and the drive is very portable and convenient to use. The look of the 8GB Fashionable Rocket Shaped Metal Flash Drive also offers you a perfect decoration for your mobile phone, key rings, bags and some of the other things. It rocks in the market because it works speed and fast.

Product Specification

It is designed as an 8 GB fashionable drive which is in golden rocket shape USB Flash Drives. The weight of the product is 30 g and its weight of package is 50 g. The product size is 9.0 x 2.0 x 1.6 cm while the package size is 10.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm. The package content is 1 x USB Flash Drives Disk. It is the small style and fashionable drive with high performance, with the low power consumption, non volatile storage. Don’t miss this special featured product.

Understand these technological things and get this fashionable golden rocket shaped drive. You can also get this through online. You should selecting credible online shopping site that has safe checkout, quickly and free freight. Take some more reference for the information of this 8GB Fashionable Rocket shaped drive, compare it and decide it for yourself. Good luck!