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Google Planning To Release Its New Educational App – Classroom

Google has planning to launch a new tool for Education known a Classroom. Classroom is based on the principle of making the educational tool as simple and easy to use. This app is built in a way to help teachers with their daily work in assistance and to provide a support to teacher to enable them to save their time, to improve the communication with the students and also to enable everyone to function perfectly in their day today work.


Easy Assignments and Communications

It is featured with the various benefits as you can easily set up the students directly to the class. Teachers can also collect the paperless assignment as they can prepare an assignment and share it classroom app, so that it will automatically make a copy for each student. These assignments can automatically fill into the folders in the Google Drive. Teachers can quickly see who has completed the work given by them and who has not completed the work yet and they provide direct, real time feed back to individual students. Teaches can also send any announcement or questions instantly into the Classroom app so that they can help out their classmates. Students can also provide their feedback about the teachers efficiently and also to communicate with their classmates easily.

Google Apps for Education services

Google App

Like the rest of the Google Apps for Education services, the classroom app also does not contain any sort of advertisements and this tool ensures privacy and will never use any data for advertising purposes. Google expects to release it widely by September as in time for the next school year. Classroom App will be available to any school using the Google Apps for Education by September this year.

Overall it is affordable and it is free for all the school. You can check it out for yourself at classroom.google.com to signup.