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How to Best Increase Your Site’s Page Views

Page Views

Whether you run ads and work as an affiliate marketing expert to make money off your site, or you use your site to sell products of your own, you need to pull in more viewers. Getting more page views will not only increase your profits, but those page views can also increase the ranking of your site on popular search engines. Though you might think that your site is perfect just the way it is, there are some simple things you can do to increase your page views and get the attention of more viewers.

Use Back Links

Back link is a term that refers to the way in which sites link back and forth with each other online. It’s helpful to find some sites related to your own. You can then contact the owners and ask about exchanging links. You might write a short post for that site’s blog that includes a link to your site at the end, or you might agree to place links from the other pages on your own site. This makes your site more appealing to those visiting those sites.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog to go along with your site is important, especially when you have a retail site. That blog lets you share your thoughts and opinions with prospective customers and keep them updated on everything they need to know about your site. You can write posts that detail some of the upcoming sales or specials that you plan to run and posts about how to use some of the products that you offer. Creating a blog that works with your site also increases the keywords that you use to pull in more viewers too.

Use Meta Details

In addition to using terms that searchers look for on your site in product descriptions and articles, you need to use those same keywords in phrases in your meta content. When you upload a new photo to your site, make sure that you put the name of the product in the photo’s details as well as any other keywords you want to use. Those photos will come up when people search for those terms on Google and via other search engines. You can add meta tags that remain hidden on the page and create a short meta description too.

Get SEO Help

One of the top ways to increase your site’s page views is with SEO help. Ecommerce search engine optimization refers to some of the keywords used on each page as well as how often you use those words. If the density is too high, search engines will drop your page ranking, but if the density is too low, your page may not come up in a search. Professional SEO agents can help you decide on the best words and phrases to use on each page of your site as well as how many words and phrases to use.

Improving the number of page views that your site gets every day is important because this figure relates to the amount of money you can make off that site. Using search engine optimization, adding metal details to each page, using back links and creating your own blog can all help increase the page views you get every day.