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Say, you have a business with the niche audience of business owners. You need to promote your services to the customers, talk about the updates and after the sale is completed the transaction details must be communicated to the customers. Just because they are your audience or the customer, it does not mean that they would not be irritated by your communication. You need to make sure to cover almost all the audience at the same time, without disturbing them. This is where the bulk SMS comes handy.

With bulk SMS, you can send information via SMS along with the contact details that the customer has to call to know more details about or the address pertaining to the information. Those who are interested after receiving this message would be eager to communicate to you and you can pitch the sale. The return on investment of this method is very high.

With all the above stated information, you need to know how to send bulk SMS. You cannot hire 1,000 people to send SMS to lakhs of people, whenever you are promoting or during a transaction process. You need a service provider who would help you send the SMS, at a single click.

This is where BhashSMS comes into the scene. Log into the site, create an account and set up a sender ID. The sender ID is the name which the receiver sees on the mobile. You can set unlimited number of Sender IDs with BhashSMS. Upload the contact details manually into a group or use an excel sheet filled with the contact details to send the SMS in one click. You can send the SMS to 10,000 people in one click in terms of single contacts and 2, 00,000 contact details can be added in a group and the SMS would be sent to all the people in the group in one click.

So, your information reaches millions of people in one second. This can be used for both promotional and transactional activities. You can also resell this service and become a bulk SMS reseller. Become a client of BhashSMS and create a lot of clients under you. You would be given the admin rights to the SMS you hold and you can sell the SMS to the clients under you. This can be used to attract small scale business owners who would not need 2, 00,000 SMS to send.

Only genuine business holders can use this service. This service is not for bogus users and for scammers. You can send original messages to your customers. It is much easier to get SMS short codes to be used for the customers to easily remember.

Thus, do not wait till all the potential customers are taken. No matter what type of business you hold or what type of customers you want to attract, bulk SMS is an easy way to do so. If you are interested in attracting customers who converse in Hindi, you can opt for Hindi SMS from BhashSMS. Connect to all the customers in India within one click and just a second to spare and get a lot of responses for you to pitch your sales.