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EaseUS Todo- Helps in the Backup of the Files


EaseUS Backup Free is the world’s excellent powerful and also free data backup and recovery computer code. It also helps in file backup, disc drive support, system backup and failure recovery, partition cloneand many more. For this reason, most laptop or computer users take the help of the service of EaseUS.

Positive aspects of EaseUS-


* EaseUSTodo Backup Free can be a totally free computer code declaration.
* Extremely easy and accessible-There are many steps for entire backup system.
* EaseUS has constantlycarrying on to boost its performance and presently it sustains Windows 8.
* EaseUS offers highly-qualifiedcustomer service to rapidly solve users’ problems.


EaseUS Backup Free is the most wide-ranging free backup. It has already become the leading wide spread free backup resolution, supporting each and every file as well as image backup. Full system security permits you to simply back up and also recover your whole operating system while disaster occurs. Again, block-level disk imaging rapidly and competently backs up the full disk or the volumes. File level backup lets you to back up definite files, databases or file types, comprising network-shared folders.Back up the particular files along with volumes without disrupting any present operations, mainly for backup of open files.


Cloning is certainly not a new idea and there are lots of methods and various ways that you can utilize to shift or clone hard drive or also duplicate the current Windows’ operating system into another hard drive. Moreover, most of the users have already upgraded the system to the newest launch, Windows 8.1 that is the new operating system from the company of Microsoft. Some days ago, it is planned to clone hdd to ssd windows 8.1, only to get a backup.


Importance of cloning-

Some people may ask the reason to duplicate Windows 8.1 to fresh hard drive in place of opting for a new installation.There are a number of technical advantages of cloning hard drives. The fresh or new installation may take much less time in contrast to the cloning procedure. But, if one decides to clone Windows 8.1 into the original hard drive that has already fitted applications and also tools, he or she will finally end up saving much time by not fitting all applications again. Therefore, the cloning is the just solution to do it quick and in a useful manner. EaseUS lets you avail this benefit as well.

Amount of space is required on the particular Hard Drive-

This is a very significant fact to note,as you should ensure that your aimed hard drive has sufficient space to allow the source hard disk duplicating. You can verify the present OS space in MY Computer and choose the definite hard drive space. Roughly, there should be at least 30 GB space on the intended drive. But, it would be best to have more space for example, 50 GB to keep away from any future troubles. You can utilize Windows software or any bootable application to completely clone Windows 8.1 to duplicate them on another hard drive with the similar hardware configuration.