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The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is now such a huge industry. With pretty much everyone having a smartphone that has an app store, it’s easy to see why. There are certain games that can only be purchased through the app stores, making them even more popular. There are so many pros to the industry as well. One being it’ll never die out. This generation has become so focused on having the best mobile, even from such a young age, that it can now only grow and grow. Children from ages as young as six now have their own mobile phones, and children are the easiest target. It’s so easy for a free game to be created, to then make a huge revenue from marketing or even in game add ons. You can find more on the matter on this website https://www.quora.com It’s such a clever industry that has most of the world hooked.


To begin with, you had the classic game of snake which came free with the older Nokia phones. Literally everyone born in the early 90’s will remember the revolutionary year of 97 when this huge hit was released. After that it was still only free games that game with the phone that could be played. It was until 2008, when apple first released an app store that had a wide variety of games. From there, the race was on to create as many games as possible. Most still remain free, although there are some big games that have a small price tag compared to other platforms. Some massive games however, have stuck to being free since in the beginning. Take Final Fantasy for example, the empire is so big, and has so many people hooked, yet it is completely free. Some people say that the paid for games are better quality in both graphics and game play, the Fantasy games prove this to be different. More can be found out about the series on their website, www.finalfantasyxvapp.com. Most games still remain free, and choose to make their revenue through marketing and in app purchases.


The change in graphics in the mobile gaming world is huge. Again, let’s use snake as an example, a simple square graphic moving in blocks around the screen. Now we have fully immersive role playing games where the characters seem so realistic. It still isn’t on the same level as console graphics, but with phone quality constantly improving it won’t be long before it catches up. Take a look at more improvements on this website http://mentalfloss.com. The quality of game play has also massively improved. The days of waiting ages for the home screen to even appear seem to be long gone. Especially with the most recent games released. It would often be found that once in the game, it would be laggy and crash often. This also seems to be a thing of the past lately. Developers of focusing on the ease of use and graphics quality, rather than rushing to get any game out. The thought out story lines has also greatly improved. They’re more realistic and capturing, maybe this has something to do with the improvement of graphics as well. With 4K mobile screens now being released, it’ll be exciting to see where the future of graphics in mobile gaming will end up. You can read more on the future of quality here, https://www.smashingmagazine.com.

Age Ranges

It is kind of now stereo typical to assume mobile gaming only appeals to a younger generation. So many adults, even parents, indulge in the addictive world. Take Candy Crush for example, there is now a long standing joke that every mom in the world is an angry Candy Crush addicted dragon. As funny as it may be, it really does prove that the mobile gaming world can draw everyone in. Especially problem solving games. There are now games to literally suit anyone. Whether it be car racing games for boys, or beauty salon simulators for younger girls. Most app stores come with a restrictive feature, meaning only certain games can be purchased. This is so handy to protect younger children from inappropriate games. The fact that there are so many games, appealing to so many age ranges makes it now one of the biggest growing industries in the world. They have gone from creating games mainly tailored to boys, to now having a game to suit absolutely anyone. Check out more big games that have captured all age ranges on this website https://www.webbozz.com There are also systems such as VR’s that really help broaden the appeal and education of a game. No matter who you are, or what age you may be, being able to put yourself actually inside a game is appealing no matter what.