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Five ways of making your website stand out

As websites are often the first point of contact for many businesses, it’s important to consider the ways that you can make your website stand out from the rest.

This is especially true as the Daily Mail recently pointed out that 571 websites and 70 domains are created every minute. So what can you do to make sure that your website makes an impact? Here are five things to consider.


The Global Development Outlook: William H. Gates III speaks


As the Microsoft founder Bill Gates memorably stated in 1996, content is king. Providing original and accurate information in a professional manner is the most important method that you have at your disposal for keeping a potential client on your website.

Many websites can simply regurgitate information from elsewhere, so be sure to think about what you are offering that is different to other sites. And if you are summarizing data from other sites, be sure to provide clear links.




Whilst the internet can allow just about anybody to create a website, it is important to realize that when people consult a web page, they are more often than not seeking authoritative information.

This is especially so in instances where people’s lives and money are affected. That is why medical websites such as South Africa’s Health Department will clearly display their credentials and documents. And even in the world of iGaming, successful sites such as Yebo Yes Casino will aim to provide reassuring financial information alongside tips on how to use devices in the online gaming environment.




It’s no coincidence that the majority of authoritative and successful websites use black text on a clear white background. This is because when a new user visits your page, they will want to find their desired information quickly and easily.

In order to aid this, make sure that the main content is presented front and center, and be sure to include a handy navigation bar at the top of the page to enable the user to easily find relevant information.




It has been said that pictures can say a thousand words, and similarly the use of captivating graphics has been shown to have a positive impact upon the effectiveness of web pages too.

This is because the effective use of graphics can instantly make a website seem more professional than a mere page of text. And it’s also an excellent way to reinforce branding and promote the aesthetic of the company in question.

Engage your audience



And finally, since the arrival of the so-called Web 2.0, there has been a greater requirement for websites to contain interactive features and user-generated content. Whether this is in the form of a comments box, or even a simple link allowing users to join a mailing list, it’s an incredibly useful tool in allowing people to stay engaged with your website.