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Four Ways to Enhance an Internet Profile

Internet profileThe internet plays a major role in the strategy of virtually every business. No matter the industry, maintaining a website is critical to staying visible to customers that are connected more than ever before. Because the internet is a vast place, internet profiles can be part of the digital strategy used to attract customers. Profiles need to contain accurate information, a great picture, the right links, and connect to all the places a business or individual wants users to see. For example, Yale graduate suzzanne uhland uses an Internet profile as a central location to anchor other digital pages. This process connects and organizes other social media, blogs, articles, and other important information and prevents it from being fragmented or lost across different platforms or devices.


A profile picture should be neatly cropped and appropriate for the industry. The photo also needs to be clear and crisp to exude professionalism. Internet users tend to respond well to visual elements, which mean the picture could be the part of the page that everyone remembers. For this reason, choosing a great photograph that resonates with users can be the key to getting users to visit other elements present on the page. In short, a friendly face can go a long way in creating additional traffic.


Profile pages should read as a short biography of the subject. Keeping the entire document short and concise is important because readers are making up their mind about the individual and the business. The fine line of presenting information and driving users to learn more can be tricky to locate, but the process can be perfected with a little trial and error. Depending on the industry, the right background information can win additional fans and help boost the bottom line.


Links are a great way for the profile page to support provided information and get readers to visit additional pages. Links should sent users to the correct page and enhance the information presented in the profile. In addition, links should not dominate the page, but add an additional layer to the material already present. In short, links can be powerful tools that help complete the profile without breaking the page into too many sections.

Social Media

Perhaps the newest part of any profile page are the social media pages of the individual, business, or organization. Since Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other similar websites boast millions of users, placing buttons or links to the official accounts directly on the profile can enhance the reach of the page. Many users put a great deal of effort into maintaining social media accounts by including photos, articles, and other important information, and showing off those accounts is a great way to elevate their exposure.

In the end, internet profiles can be great centralized locations for individuals or businesses to organize additional information on the internet. By including a great picture, using proper links, providing quality background information, and following up with social media, a simple profile page can quickly take on a life of its own. The internet is a valuable tool in creating customer traffic and elevating the exposure of a brand. Profiles that get users to respond are simply another available tool, and putting those tools to work just makes great business sense for any company.