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Free Photo Sharing App between iOS and Android-FotoSwipe

Photo’s are the evidence of your happy moments. People, usually love to share, these happy moments with friends, family members and more. For this, people started to search an app, efficient as well as effortless to photo sharing easily. Instant Photo sharing is one of the dream among the smart mobile users. Much apps specially implemented for instant sharing, over the market. Moreover these apps, restrict your instant photo sharing, when it comes different OS.

We can’t predict, like everyone use Android based smart mobiles or iOS based. So we are in search of an app that helps all to share photos between Android and iOS. For this, the new FotoSwipe app, reached the market with attractive features. FotoSwipe lets you to share several or less photos from one device to other and never mind a model of phone and cellular provider.

Most of the people heard, about the Bump Technologies, that is also an efficient file and photo-sharing technology launched, past year. This is innovative but didn’t work well on all devices. Apart this, it worked best on phones that have NFC chips, obviously iPhone eliminated to use it. So competitors started and created easier sharing apps, like Apple’s AirDrop and ProxToMe. These apps eliminates the NFC concept and introduced the easy
Bluetooth technology for sharing and it detect devices within a 250-foot radius to allow file-sharing, but these are all lacks in instant sharing.

The new FotoSwipe app, included the instant sharing photos between Android and iOS devices. How it achieve instant sharing? The FotoSwipe app, lets you to share photos easily by simple swipe. Swipe your finger from one device to the other to share photos. To attain this both devices must be configured with the FotoSwipe app. Begin your sharing by open the app on both devices, and tap and hold a photo, which you want to share, then swipe.

It never struck its users in to the log in areas, so it eliminates the Log in part from this app. So you need not to register and even you don’t need to be on Wi-Fi. Another interesting feature, FotoSwipe never limit your photo sharing. Take aplenty of photos and share everything to other devices by single swipe. So you need not to exchange your email and contact info, and even you need not to check for NFC, and don’t need to worry about whether Bluetooth is on or off on both devices.

You can easily download it under Google play store and as well as iPhone’s iTunes. To know more in deeper watch the video on YouTube, and install the efficient photo sharing app, FotoSwipe.