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A mailing list is the most valuable asset of any online property. Usually constructed over a period of time, an email list represents the loyal list of visitors to your site who have chosen to participate with you on a deeper level than just pass through. Email is a cost effective way to monetize your site, if you are selling a product, run display ads or affiliate links visitors to driving.


Given the importance of email list of great quality for any online business, selecting an email provider becomes a key decision. There are a number of providers out there, each offering similar products generally they differ in price, level of customization, ease of use.

Because each site is so specialized, it is impossible to make a universal recommendation. Different sites may have very different experiences with these suppliers, depending on how they are being used. So you’ll see articles like these appear side by side in search results:


To say that the ability to deliver your message to your audience is important is obvious. But it is not necessarily a matte; achieving perfect delivery capacity can be a challenge if you pick the wrong service provider email (ESP).

Why it’s important: As email providers have intensified efforts to maintain inboxes of spam its users, the percentage of commercial email that actually reaches the inbox has fallen slightly. By some accounts, the overall rate of delivery is about 76% -meaning that one in four emails do not reach the desired input tray.


Ultimately, the reputation of the ESP has a great impact on the willingness of Gmail, Hotmail and others to allow their messages reach the inbox. So spam complaints from other customers of an ESP hurt everyone who uses the ESP, so many of these companies make an effort just to work with quality partners and avoid companies that are buying email lists use your server.

Ease of Integration

If you are looking for basic sending newsletters and autoresponders, you probably will not be too concerned with the integration of other tools in your email.

Why it’s important: If your plans for email go beyond a mere tool RSS news delivery, you’ll want to make sure you have a platform that plays well with others. Depending on your marketing plans via email, you may want to select a platform with easy integration with other services, such as social networks, survey tools, coupon and order confirmations.

Who is better: MailChimp is generally viewed as having the easiest platform to integrate with other applications and tools Confirm your Directory Integration for the whole picture; if you want to integrate your mail with one or more of these tools, you would be wide to investigate the ease of making this connection before signing

Who is better: The general feeling was that AWeber historically has the highest rates of productivity in the industry. However, GetResponse and MailChimp also have delivery rates in the high 90s and basically have pulled even in this regard.


If you carefully observe at the table given you may see that getresponse is a perfect companion.  It proves out to be standing atleast one or two steps ahead when taken all the the features together. Aweber may be providing more templates.  Mailchimp may be offering less starting price but as you move on you will notice that getresponse fills out the exact requirement. GetResponse provides the landing page which neither of the aweber or mailchimp is providing. Thus in my opinion i give more rating to getresponse as it stands out in every situation where the others lag a little.