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Amazon Triples the Number of Games and Apps Available For Its Fire TV Media Streamer

amazon-com-logo_989Amazon, an e-commerce giant wants to forget investors about yesterday’s disappointing earnings and lowered sales during in 2014 holiday season, for this the company released more positive news this morning, sure these news will make its investors energy level up, that great news is, the Amazon going to triples the number of games and apps available for its $99 Fire TV media-streaming device in April, and all 10 episodes of its original series. Now the starring John Goodman’s Alpha House will be available on its Amazon Prime Instant Video service.

Amazon declined to reveal how many Fire TVs it has sold but it likes to go forward before Roku or Apple TV devices, Amazon also released some news today such as Amazon says that more than 600 apps and games are now available for its streaming box.

Amazon also added that the most popular media apps and services such as Amazon Instant Video Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, and Crackle, in games side most of its customers are playing Minecraft, Pocket Edition, Minion Rush, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Amazon Fire TV is outfitted with more capable hardware than many of its competitors, its quad-core CPU and 2GB of on-board memory render it a relatively powerful gaming platform and It supports voice search, which is better than pushing buttons on a remote control and it can decode Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio

Amazon protecting its e-commerce grade by laying a solid foundation in its effort, but this space is already crowded with new competitors such as Dish Network, Sony, and Verizon, all these competitors are working hardly to reach this rapidly growing market, whatever it is no one can never signing up with traditional cable and satellite TV service providers.