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iPhone vs Android- How iPhone Still Beats Android

At Present decade list of smart phones are endless, but selection between the Android and iPhone is one of the toughest job among users, from the perspective of die hard Android user, try to get the world to believe that Apple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But the truth is, we all must accept this, that’s the iPhone is better and it has been always superior choice for smartphone users, not only for its hardware, features but for uncluttered experience that it offers.

The following thing shows how the iPhone still beats the Android,


Choice, always trigger the bewilderment situation among the user, similarly the Android’s massive number of devices from various manufacturers lead the dilemma situation right now among the customers. So far 18,000 kinds of devices reached the market, cut the customer as well as the developer still in the confusion about which thing is completely fitouts for users need. Obviously the better gadget survey among the 18,000 devices would be wrong decision. So developer never fabricate device to overcome the customer faults.
But the iPhone launched only fewer devices, so only it can satisfy the user by overcoming the older gadget faults by new one.iOS-vs-Google-Android-Web-Traffic

Malware marketplace:

Earlier this year a detailed report that was released from security firm F-Secure and they have declared that 99 percent of all mobile malware is targeted at Android users. Massive number of hacker-friendly environment is available in Android, which causes much vulnerability; if you want a safer mobile you must prefer the iPhone. (Something to keep in mind? If you do happen to run into an issue, you may require iPhone Repair Miami. Do what you can to keep your phone working well!)

No more crapware:

When you buy an iPhone from the Apple Store it’s the exact same iPhone that you’d get if you bought it from other stores, but the android gadgets available in different store in different , many users also claimed that the Android is not working properly as he intended. This is collectively called as crapware.

These are the reasons, still iPhone beats the Android in the market.

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