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OnePlus One – Best Smartphones

You’ve most likely never heard of OnePlus… however if you’ve got, you will recognize why this unknown complete is suddenly sitting at range four of our list of best smartphones within the world.

The reason is simple: It is a phone that has all the ability, specs and functionality of the highest dogs, adds in super-customisable software and will it at nearly half the value. We’re talking massive savings on value (£229 for the 16 GB version and £269 for the 64 GB variant) while not a lot of within the method of compromise.

In fact, the sole things it’s very missing are a microSD slot and removable battery, and people are components additional for the purists that fully necessary.

If we’re being super fastidious, it isn’t got the best camera originated and therefore the style could be a bit… efficient, however at this worth purpose it very does not matter. And given the target audience is people who care regarding raw power over vogue, it is sensible that this is often wherever the prices may well be saved.

We love the actual fact that a brand new contender will maintain such a high place within the ranking of the simplest phones within the world – it implies that it is not simply a case of ‘big budget means that best phone’.

We were debating whether or not the OnePlus may even have gone higher, however there is one huge problem that you’re going to have if you wish to urge your hands on one: they are not possible to seek out. Numbers will not build up for a jiffy, and possibly ne’er to the extent of convenience of the known names.

But if you wish a phone that gives supreme power at a very low cost: the OnePlus One is it. It’s what the Nexus vary wont to be, and if Google ditches that program, then fortunately the likes of OnePlus have shown there’ll be brands to choose up the slack.