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Slingshot – video-chat App by Facebook

Facebook has been working on video-chat app for several months, which is known as Slingshot. Slingshot is the unique app which allows the users to send short video messages to the recipients with a couple of taps on your screen. Slingshot comes in market as a simple and responsive user interface which stands alone from the Facebook Messenger.

What does Slingshot do for us?

Slingshot updated it app that boasts with its advanced feature to include its text messaging and video calling in addition to the ability of sending short videos and photos. Just a week before Facebook pulled its Poke app from the App Store which is the most failure attempt of Facebook. But it does not mean that it’s done trying to beat rival Snapchat at its own messaging game. In Slingshot, it is impossible as it reaches the market with high expectations. Slingshot is currently one of the hottest mobile apps around, and it recently gained a significant update with chat and video call features that garnered quite a bit of attention.

Considering Snapchat’s popularity, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Facebook take another crack at creating a Snapchat competitor. The Snapchat is popular among teenagers, allows users to send smartphone photos that automatically disappear after a few minutes.

Slingshot is the well established app and there is no chance of users to switch over another app from it unless this offers a promising better experience.

Slingshot is said to resemble some of the other chatting app like wechat and whatsapp which allow the user to tap and hold a recipients profile to send a photo or video that can only be viewed once by the recipient.

However, Slingshot keeps you connected. Look at some of these ways Slingshot can benefit you, or use it in your own style! Try it out!