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Top 5 Websites to buy Mobile Online in Singapore

mmSingapore has one of the greatest mobile markets of the world. You will be surprised to know that 90% of Singaporeans have smart phones in their hands. There is no other country in the world that can beat this statistics. Singaporeans are die hard addict of phones and mobile technology. Even in the middle of the night, it’s difficult for them to alienate themselves from digital liaison with mobiles! Data shows that 84% of the Singaporeans check their mobiles in the middle of the night when they wake up from their sleep.

Out of the 700,000 mobile apps download- Singapore bagged a share of 450,000. These strange data may be coming from various backgrounds but they are pointing in only one direction that the future and momentum of mobile commerce is very hot and upbeat in Singapore.

In this digital world of today, Mobile phones have a very crucial role to play in the overall success and growth of a person. Some years back it was seen only as a means of talking to someone who is at a distant location. But now with the big bang revolution of mobile apps-you can carry numerous important tasks related to your personal and professional life on your mobile phones.

So, instead of being a mute spectator, it’s better to join the race of mobile apps users and rule the world of M-Commerce.

If you have suddenly developed a crush over smart mobiles phones or basic models-whatever it may be, then there is no need to rebuke yourself! Give wings to your imagination, browse these websites, do what you want and fulfill your dreams! After all human life is very short, so live every bit of it!

1. Lazada

The fifth name that you can consider for online buying of mobile phones in Singapore is Lazada. Basic phones, smart phones or dual SIM mobiles- whatever is your requirement- Lazada ensures that you get exactly what you want, not what other’s want to sell!

2. Valuebasket

This is an incredibly brilliant site for buying mobiles online in Singapore. This is what appears after going on its website. There are numerous discounts offers raining on its website. It’s better if you will check it yourself! Especially in consumer electronics, this is the most preferred name in Singapore. You can buy Smart phones, duo SIM smart phones of any brand like Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony or Motorola on Valuebasket.

3. Expansys

Expansys is a global e-commerce online platform, operating in many countries of the world. It deals primarily in consumer electronics. You can filter your choices on the basis of OS, Brands and popularity. For buying Yotaphone 2 i.e the phone with two fronts-expansys is the most trusted place. It is the strategic online sales partner of it in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Koria.

4. Rakuten

The third slot goes to Rakuten in this list. It is also equally good for buying mobile phones of any brand but then you know when it comes to numbering, it is simply impossible to give number one place to all at the same time. Samsung, Power Support, Moshi, Apple, Skech are some of the most preferred names on Rakuten. If you are looking for extra discount on mobile apply coupon code provided by retailer (rakuten, lazada, qoo10 and more). For more offer and deal visit CouponzGuru.sg.

5. Qoo10

This is again a very reliable place for buying mobile phones in Singapore. Apart from mobiles phones it also retails various other kinds’ of consumer goods. Women’s fashion, beauty and diet, Men and sports, Home and Living, Baby and Food are the other categories in which it is dealing.