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Meet the New Vegas-style Jackpot Casino Slots Game for Your Mobile

With the current technology improvement, the mobile industry has not been left behind as it has also matured, evolved and runs with the improvement. One of the areas that have improved in the mobile phone is the gaming applications. It has increased since everyone has a smart phone and most people enjoy playing games in their phones as pastime.

The widespread acceptance of playing games on the mobile and the addictive nature of the games have led to the increase in the development of mobile games applications. Different smart phones are introducing millions of games applications among them is the mobile slots game.

The Lotto Madness Slots Game

For a slot player, there are many online casinos that one can find the lotto madness slot. You can get every chance to play the slots game by downloading the casino application in your computer or mobile phone.
The sounds, the lotto theme and the graphics can make every slot machine player to fall in love with it. One will find himself playing the game for long because of the excitement attained as he wait for the reels to stop and find his luck to win money.

How to Play the Madness Slots Game

The machine has 20 pay lines and 5 reels and a chance to win a 10,000 jackpot. To play the game one spins the reels and wait to see where the reels stop and find the kind of money you win. Piles of money, a big winner, an awesome lotto balls and celebration glass of champagne as the reels spin.

William Hill Madness

The slots machine game has the following features; free spins, a bonus game and a dollar ball side game:

Free Spins

Depends on one’s luck in winning. All one has to do is spin the reels and look out for the wild card and if it appears on reel 1 or 5. To find the number of free spins you have won you need to continue spinning on the fantastic wheel of fortune.


The bonus is earned when you spin the reel into the fantastic wheel of fortune and see the wild card and the crazy wheel appear on reels 1 and 5.

The Dollar Ball Bonus Game

One chooses his five lucky numbers from the side game and gets to win crazy prizes if the numbers appear in the next spin and if all the five numbers appear on the reels, you get to take the Dollar Ball Jackpot.

With almost every spin, there are many winning combinations that can help you win, making the game very popular. There is some luck involved in the game. Most games offer a fun play to help you introduce yourself especially if you are not sure on which slot to play.

There are many online madness slots applications that can be downloaded over the internet such as Madness at William Hill and it has a great user experience. If you are a slots lover, you can play at home wherever you want and anywhere by downloading the app game on your phone or laptop. Actually, you ought to access and try to play the games. They are great, fun and be assured of top most and excellent experience.
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