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The Need of Broadband Satellite for Transmittance/Reception of Real Time

In the fast track of a digital world of today, speed and efficiency plays an important role in our lives to be successful in every function that we tend to perform.  With great headway in the field of technology, we come across sophisticated gadgets and devices, making progress in our operations or performance.  In the internet world, the need of fast broadband access is essential to function in an efficient and a professional manner.  The provision of high speed internet solutions by satellite is now made available through NewsSpotter, in partnership with Eutelsatbroadband, a KA-BAND telecommunication service.  This is provided by KA-SAT Compact, lightweight equipment which permits the transmittance as well as reception of real time, good quality images, video as well as data from any area. It is an appropriate choice for occasional or utilisation of it during travel wherein they deliver unified combination in IP networks through their state-of-the art satellite technology. The advantage of their products is the fast broadband access in all areas irrespective of there being no other technology available. Their services are simple, cost effective news and data gathering, all over Europe as well as the Mediterranean Basin.The compact light kit is said to be easy to install and begins transmitting to receive real time data, video and images in a few minutes for anywhere.

Powerful New Platform – High Bandwidth Services

For fast and reliable access of internet for business, KA-SAT, a powerful new platform in providing high bandwidth services delivers speeds of around 22 Mbps downstream and 6 Mbps upstream.The KA-SAT tends to react to professional needs for higher volume as well as bandwidth applications between enterprises networks to internet backhaul, M2M connectivity and backup.  For this category of heavy bandwidth, the KA-SAT tends to provide speeds of around 50 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream.  Satellite communication seems to be the most natural means of communicating over long distances in the present world.  It is the only way in reaching isolated locations with good high speed connection without the need of installing costly landline or construct complex setup. The transmissions of KA-SAT tends to run totally on solar energy where the entire satellite launch process, utilising hydrogen engines, produces the same quantity of CO2 similar to a US trip aeroplane, from coast to coast on a Boeing 747.  Some of the benefits of KA-SAT comprise of

  • Enabling one signal to be received all together by various users all across the world,
  • Total capacity of 90+ Gbps for more throughput than first generation KA band satellite
  • Combined system which has been designed for enhanced data delivery
  • Smaller cost effective terminals with provision of great speeds
  • Spot beam architecture, enabling effective  user bandwidth through frequency reuse