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Cell Phone Parental Controls – Prevent Your Teen From Being Robotic!

Nowadays for the majority of teens, real time communication has largely been replaced by text messages and social media. If your child has a mobile phone/tab you can observe this first hand. A glance around at any restaurant, event or social gathering and you’ll likely see teens with their faces buried in their phones instead of interacting with people around them.

teens on cell phone

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend over 7 ½ hours on social media outside of school.Research shows that all this technology use may be taking a toll on your kid’s emotional intellect. They exchange emoticons much more than they change expressions in real life. A study also says that over-use of technology reduces our abilities to read emotions. You must be concerned after reading all these figures, but put your worries aside for now because every problem has a solution, and the solution to this problem is cell phone parental controls.

Improve your kids social skills

The very first thing you can do to make sure your teens interact more with people in real life than online, could be to use parental motoring apps like FamilyTime.

FamilyTime Image

This app has a wide range of interesting features which not only let you monitor, but also gives you the control to limit their online activities and device usage. Shift to smart parenting and download this app for free on your iOS or Android phone, or with one click from the buttons below:


In this case this app gives you the control to remotely lock your teen’s phone from your parent Dashboard, with just one touch. Once locked, you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child app in order for the phone to work again. This way, when your kids are around people or with family, you can simply lock their phone and encourage them to interact with people around them.

Excess of everything is bad!

You should talk to your teen about the dangers of cell phone addiction. Tell them that while it is good to be connected to their friends and use social media, everything is harmful if used too much. Encourage them to make friends face-to-face and bond with the people around them. As an additional step use cell phone parental controlsapp to make sure they do this. Who says parenting teens always have to be tough?