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Using Your New iPhone On Its Maximum Potential

Apple’s flagship smartphones—the iPhone range—are some of the most popular smartphones on the planet. The iPhone sports a host of cool features. Most people appreciate the detail Apple goes into to provide seamless integration between software and hardware. However, at the same time, the company puts many barriers to flexibility and usage. If you want to be using your new iPhone on its maximum potential, a jailbreak would be necessary. Jail breaking your iPhone is the surest way to unlock its full potential. There is almost an unlimited number of games you can gain access to once your iPhone gets a jailbreak.


There are many jailbreak software available in the market today. Jail breaking your iOS device allows the installation of a software application called Cydia. Cydia in turn allows the user to install third-party apps on the device (these are applications that Apple has not signed). Apart from enabling easy installation of third-party apps, jail breaking your iPhone allows you to tweak it in new ways such as.

Activator: This allows you to set certain hardware buttons so that they act in new ways. For instance, you can make set your home button in such a way that long pressing it turns on your flashlight.

Showcase: This turns your keyboard into lowercase or uppercase depending on your preference as opposed to the keyboard always being uppercase.

Movie Box: This allows you to download full-length movies and TV shows on your iPhone.

Unlocking an iPhone 6

unlocking an iphone

The iPhone 6 is the latest iPhone to hit the market. There are quite a number of dangers and risks you should avoid when trying to jailbreak your iPhone 6. However, with the right kind of software as well as careful installation, you will not have much to worry about.

The first step when trying to jailbreak an iPhone 6 is to download the jailbreak software you are most comfortable with. Most of these applications have a small memory footprint and can be quickly downloaded if you have Wi-Fi or fibre optic broadband. Try to look for a solution that is tested and proven 100% safe and effective. A solution that has a large user base is preferable. It usually takes a few months before a jailbreak solution is developed for a new iPhone so being patient can help too. Once you locate a software solution that you are comfortable with, shut down iTunes on your device. Leaving iTunes running can interfere with the jailbreak process, and can even harm your phone. You do not want to risk this with your expensive iPhone 6 and so just play it safe. You do not need to uninstall the application though; shutting it down is enough.


Now quickly run the installation package of your preferred iPhone 6 jailbreak software. Navigate to different directories on your iPhone and look for the installation file. Once you find it run it using the administrative settings. Once you are done doing this, connect your device to your PC, which can be either a Mac or a Windows PC, using a USB cable. Wait until your PC detects the device before proceeding to the next step. Wait for the tool to self-initialise—this happens automatically and almost instantaneously—as the jailbreak software and the application go through the necessary steps. Wait for your iPhone to finish the process and your iPhone 6 will now be fully unlocked.

Jail breaking your iPhone unlocks its full potential and lets you use it in ways that were previously not possible. With a good jailbreak software, unlocking your iPhone is a cinch, really.