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XNSPY’s iPhone Tracking Saved My Son against Street Criminals

I live in Atlanta, GA. with my two sons and a husband. When we moved in from Ohio, IL 20 years back, things were pretty different. The place was a Ghost town and we had no kids. Crime related activities were also very under control. But now, it’s ranked as the third most dangerous neighborhood to live in. Every 1 out of 10 people have a chance of becoming a victim of some sort of street crime once a year on average.

I was very worried for my family’s safety. My kids’ school was a bit far away from our house, and they would usually take a bus on their way home. I was just possessed by the fear of my children getting into some sort of trouble. I wanted someone or something to always keep a check on them. Finally, I came across the idea of smartphone monitoring and got XNSPY over the internet for iPhone tracking that my kids have with them.


XNSPY Is My New Super Hero!

We love all the fantasy world of super heroes but sadly, they don’t exist. With XNSPY installed in my both son’s iPhones, I was able to track my kids with three distinct features of this app:

  1. Real-time location: this feature kept me updated with the current location of my kids, 24/7. I love the brilliant interface that the software offers without lagging even a bit.
  2. Watchlist: when I get busy with my daily stuff, and it gets difficult to always keep a check on their exact location, I use the Watchlist feature. It allows me to add all the spooky and shady areas as red zones where my children are not authorized to go. Once they get into or out of it, I am given an instant alert through their control panel. I very carefully scrutinized all the grey areas of our town and added them in the list. It took some time, but it was worth it.
  3. Location History: the aforementioned feature is good enough to curb my worries. But still when I feel like getting full details of all the places visited by them, I click into the location history.

One day while my son was getting back from school, he got a bit late than usual. Few minutes later I got an alert about area breach from my elder son’s phone, I quickly activated the microphone on his phone through XNSPY’s remote control and recorded the surroundings. My breaths turn short and raspy, my son was shouting with agony and there were some loud noise amid. I called 911 immediately and gave my son’s location. The police arrived in time and saved my kid from those lowlifes.

Final word

I would recommend XNSPY if you are also too concerned with street crime of your neighborhood, as it is the best iPhone tracking app you will come across.