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How does a Map Based Solution Help in Finding Homes

Before the answer to the map based search is tackled, a basic question needs to be addressed. What does a home buyer seek when he/she searches for a property? Once that question is answered, the other complex question that arises is that how those needs can be translated into online features?

The answer to the first question varies from person to person. The definition of a good home varies from individual to individual. However what every home buyer seeks is also the features and amenities available in the vicinity of the home. The locality matters to most of the buyers because it has a considerable say in the lifestyle that they need. Housing.com has used comprehensive data analysis to identify the factors that help in identifying the properties that meet their demands the best. Housing.com best real estate website in India has been granted this popularity owing to ably and effectively helping almost every end user find the property he/she likes. Those who are not able to can call in and the portal find the properties they seek.

The portal has sought one of the most innovative (and technologically challenging) ways to bring to about an experience in property search that is only second to actually visiting the property. However housing.com utilizes the map feature effectively to enhance the experience and help the end users in fact find much more than they can when on ground.

Use of Maps

Housing.com has used the map search feature to bring a visual perception to the property search. Let us assume that an end user has to find a house for rent in Bangalore. The portal allows him/her to search in the locality of choice in Hyderabad. Once the end user types the name of the locality in the city, the search results come in the map of the locality whose borders are marked on the map.

The homes are marked in the map and the end users have the luxury to zoom in and assess the locality without having to visit it. When the property specifications are selected, one can find the distances of all amenities (banks, hospitals, parks, schools etc.) from the house in question. This is much more informative than what one can find even after visiting the property. The photographs with each property allow perceiving additional decision making perspective.

In case of new projects also, the end users can view the project under construction in a wide area map. This map view can be switched to the satellite view with ease. On the top of this map, there are buttons which again help the interested buyers find the location of bus stations, train stations, banks, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, markets etc. in reference with these flats in Hyderabad.

The map features are so comprehensive that any amenity/place that is not featured in the map can to be found out. All one has to do is type the name of the place in a search bar provided and the location is instantly displayed in association with the property being scrutinized. The alignment of such search features in the map search results requires considerable technological expertise.

In Conclusion

Housing.com allows end users to study properties with perhaps a greater ease online than they possibly can do when they actually visit it. This is why the agents of the portal visit the property to verify it and then only list it.