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4 Ways to Make Your Small Website’s Visibility Competitive with Big Corporations

Today, practically every business across the globe has at least some kind of presence online, with the biggest corporations already having years worth of content and a large base of loyal customers. As a result, it can be difficult for the websites of smaller businesses to compete with those of the big corporations, but it’s still not impossible.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has nothing to do with who has the largest volume of content or the longest online presence. Instead, it has everything to do with who has the content that is the most relevant to the individual web searcher. Therefore, there are certain strategies you can use as a small business owner to get your website to compete with your biggest competitors:

  1. Specialize In A Specific Niche

One of the biggest reasons the websites of big corporations are as visible as they are is because they offer products and content in a wide variety of niches, and thus can appeal to more search engine queries. There’s no way the website of a simple small business can compete with that.

Instead, you have to make your website competitive another way: by zeroing in on a specific niche and then pumping out content in that one niche alone. While this may minimize your relevance for a number of popular keywords in the general business you’re in, it maximizes your relevance for that one niche. In the long run, this will translate to greater visibility.

  1. Focus On Gathering Reviews

Gathering positive reviews for your local business pages and on directory sites are guaranteed to give your website a huge boost in popularity. This is because people will always feel more comfortable searching for or buying products from a business that is clearly receiving a positive reception from past customers. Even just two or three five star reviews will make a noticeable difference in daily traffic volume.

  1. Analyze Your SEO Campaign

Right now, your competitors are turning out loads of daily content and filling up that content with popular keywords and phrases to rank them in the top five or so websites related to your business.


The only way you can hope to compete with that is if you know what the big websites are doing and then outmaneuver them. A service that will analyze SEO for you will allow you to directly compare your website with your top competitors and see what keywords people are using to find them. If you can then include those keywords in your own content, or anticipate which variations of those keywords are likely to become popular in the near future, your site will become more relevant on search engines.

  1. Establish Yourself As An Authority Figure

Each of the corporations you’re competing with right now have legions of loyal customers, so you’ll have to build customer loyalty to your own brand sooner or later. The only way customers will become loyal to you is if they feel they can trust you, and trust comes from building awareness about your business and then delivering on what you promise.

This means you not only must sell high quality products and services, you also need to use any means possible to raise awareness about yourself: running a social media campaign, starting a blog, selling eBooks, and distributing podcasts and videos are just a handful of examples of what you can do.

Maximize Your Reach

While there are no shortcuts to improving your site’s visibility on search engines, by building a strategy that revolves around the tips in this article, you’ll be able to outpace your competitors in at least a few key places.