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Learning from the Best: Creative Internet Marketing Approaches That Are Effective

Internet marketing gets more exciting by the day. In addition to SEO and content marketing, we now have social media and video marketing. Both of these new instruments present a wealth of opportunities to explore, from viral videos to direct engagement with the audience. New mediums allow marketers to be creative with their campaigns.

The fast-paced nature of internet marketing is also its biggest challenge. The market is very competitive and it takes some special elements to really appeal to a larger audience. There are budget constraints and other limitations to overcome too.

Building Industry Credibility

Sales are no longer the primary goal in most of today’s internet marketing campaigns. Brands and corporations are more focused on building strong brand awareness, brand value and – most importantly – industry credibility. Once a brand is associated with positive values, sales are easy.

A lot of smaller businesses use this approach very effectively. DBrand, a manufacturer of protective skins for smartphones, uses top tech influencers on YouTube and Twitter to position itself as a market leader. It may not have the massive sales of larger companies like 3M, but the general audience automatically associates smartphone skins with the DBrand today.

Ace Vapes did the same in the vaporiser market. Instead of flooding the market with promotional offers and discounts, Ace Vapes took a different approach and focused more on becoming the go-to site for everything about vaping. It attracted a vast number of readers that it then turned into customers.

Local Notoriety

If you’re on social media, chances are you know a thing or two about Juice Press. This healthy juice chain is based in New York and is only available in certain cities in the US, but it received a lot of attention from a worldwide audience thanks to its internet marketing campaign.

Juice Press connected with New York-based influencers to further push its brand recognition. Through generic appearances in vlogs and Instagram posts, Juice Press managed to attract thousands of new loyal customers.

What the company did was align itself with influencers who have the same target audience segment as Juice Press’s target market. The fans of those influencers quickly became customers of Juice Press and the campaign was a big success, despite the fact that Juice Press is still only available in limited locations.


The last approach you definitely must try is storytelling. Stories are compelling and attractive. They have quickly become the core of modern internet marketing campaigns around the world. Look at the campaigns running today and you can always find a story behind them.

What’s interesting is that you don’t need a complicated, overly fabricated story to be successful. A sincere backstory about the business or your journey towards setting it up is more than enough to engage an audience. All you have to do next is develop more campaigns with stories that an audience can follow.

These are all simple approaches that can be implemented even when you have alimited budget or other constraints, but they are very effective and provide access to a wider audience.