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You Have an Ally in the Claims Process

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The insurance claims process is tedious. Not only are you dealing with personal harm or property damage, you also have to deal with your insurer’s claims adjuster. The adjuster is the individual responsible for inspecting and researching the situation and recommending a settlement amount based on the perceived value of the damages. They are vital to the claims process for both sides of the matter.

The role of the adjuster seems simple, but there is more to it than you think. There are multiple kinds of claims adjusters. Your coverage provider’s duty is to protect you and your assets. Insurance companies are not charitable organizations. They have a bottom line to protect. Because of this, the company is going to attempt to get you to agree to the lowest possible settlement payout.


There is something you can do

If you are overwhelmed by the process, you should hire a private adjuster. This is the only way to truly know you have someone on your side during an insurance claim. It’s even better knowing the person working for you has years of experience in the insurance industry. Face it, you’re not Erin Brokovich, you don’t have time for the hours of research it would take to properly fight an insurance company.


Private adjusters are often former employees of major home and auto insurance companies. They have spent years honing their skills in damage assessment. This may not seem like an advantage over an independent adjuster, but it is. They know every scheme used to keep your settlement as low as possible. Private adjusters will use that knowledge for your gain instead of the insurance company.

Don’t balk at the price

There are a few different methods of payment when it comes to assessors. A quality one will charge a percentage of the final settlement amount, just like a personal injury attorney. The benefit here is they only get paid if you get paid. Any quality adjuster will garner you an amount much higher than your insurer would’ve offered. The benefits of quality private adjusters far outweigh the costs.

Don’t fall victim to your coverage provider’s attempts to lowball you on your settlement. In some home damage cases, this could mean thousands of dollars in settlement money left on the table. Too often people trust their insurance company implicitly during the claims process. Remember, they always have their best interests in mind whether you are a long-time client or not.