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How to Develop a Career in Cyber Security

An IT technician programming computer equipment in a server room

The internet and technology are here to stay, and the impact and role they play in our daily lives just keeps growing. With this increased use of technology, there are now great demands for people to work in the field of cyber security. New risks and issues pop up daily, and we must be able to fend them off and stop them from causing serious issues. Becoming a cyber security professional can be a great career move.

Cyber Security Defined

Cyber security, also referred to as computer security, is the concept of keeping computers and other technological devices secure from harmful elements. This may include stopping hackers, preventing a virus or securing data so it can be transferred safely. Almost anything you do online has an underlying aspect related to security. For example, when you go to look at your UAB school account, you probably have to enter a username and password. These two things help to secure your information so that nobody else can access it unless you give them specific permission to do so.


Security, though, can get complicated because the people trying to steal information or otherwise cause harm are becoming more advanced as the attempts to stop them become more advanced. If your personal information from your UAB account were to fall into the wrong hands due to a major security breach, major issues could result for you and the school. Nobody wants to see this happen, so this is where a security specialist would step in.

Steps to a Career in Computer Security

You want to begin with a solid education in computer science. There is really no way to specialize in cyber security unless you understand the basics first. Security is complex, and this requires a good foundation in skills like programming. You try to build up a solid base by getting at least a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree, like one from Marysville that specializes in cyber security, can really give you that start you need in the field, and Marysville’s cyber security masters program is now online, which makes it even more convenient.

You also should enter the field, working in entry-level positions to give you a good working knowledge of computers and practical experience in putting your skills to use. You should start working even while still in school. You need that experience in order to get hired in a cyber security positon. Employers can be very strict about requirements, so you may want to do a check of what employers are looking for in computer security personnel, so you can build the skills you need and gain the experience they require.

There is no doubt that the field of cyber security is growing and has a real need for qualified professionals to fill key roles. However, unless you have the education and work experience required, it will be very difficult to ever secure a job in this field. It takes some work, but in the end, it is very much worth it to get a job where you can help protect others and put your computer knowledge to work every day.