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Useful Video Ideas for Launching a Business YouTube Channel

When you create a YouTube account for your business, you have the right to post as many videos as you want. You can then use the provided links to share those videos on Facebook and other sites or place those videos on your company’s official website. While you might think that all you need is a good camera and an internet connection to create and upload those videos, you also need some good ideas. Before working with a marketing company like iCrossing, look over some ideas for the videos you could create for your company. Then, after you have come up with some unique ideas, utilize the services of a company like iCrossing to create a plan of action.

How To Videos

Some of the more popular videos on YouTube are simple how to videos. These videos walk users through the steps of everything from building a deck on their homes to changing a light bulb in their cars. Your how to videos should focus on either the products you sell or some of the services that you offer. If you own a company that sells car parts, you might post videos on repairing broken taillights or replacing spark plugs. A company that sells clothing can feature videos on how to put together different outfits.


Office Tour

Customers often have an interest in how online businesses work. They want to know if that business has a dedicated office somewhere and what its employees are like. Consider shooting a simple walk through tour of your office that you put online. Do a basic tour of each area of your office, but make sure to stop and chat with some of the workers you come across. You can also do interviews with employees and let them share with customers why they like working there, what they do and how they help those customers.

Products in Action

If you sell products, give your customers the chance to see those products in action via your YouTube channel. Hello Fresh and other food subscription boxes often post videos that show everything that comes in the current box, which lets customers decide whether they should subscribe. Nike and other shoe companies use their YouTube channels as a way to show real life people and athletes wearing their clothing and shoes on the track, course and court. Seeing those products in action gives customers an idea of how they can use the same products and may encourage them to make a purchase.

Insider Advice

Customers look at business owners and executives as professionals with experience in the field. Use your YouTube channel to show your experience with videos that provide customers with insider advice and tips. A company that specializes in diet and nutrition can share videos that talk about creating a healthy diet plan, healthy snacks for office workers and the importance of proper hydration. If you do landscaping, you can post videos that discuss how to choose the right plants for different climates or how to properly care for certain flowers. Let your expertise come across in every video that you post.

YouTube is just one of the more popular social media sites used by businesses today. Whether you post serious or funny videos, you’ll quickly see your watch count rising as more customers find and share those videos. Your YouTube channel can include insider advice, a tour of your office, products in action or how to videos.