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5 Top Technology Jobs That Remain Strong in 2018

What are the best jobs for 2018 and beyond? Well, tons of positions in the information technology field remain strong and viable options. Most require college degrees, but you can get your foot in the door through an entry-level position and then work your way up. You can use your on-the-job experience to help you with your studies once you decide to earn those undergraduate and postgraduate accolades. Once you have them, you can work in one of the five following positions if you so desire.


1. Software Development


According to U.S. News and World Report, becoming a software developer remains the best job in IT. Perhaps it’s because these developers get to flex their creative muscle all day long. Software is the brain of technology, telling the hardware, an app, a game, or a computer program how to function. U.S. News reports software developers earn $100,800 on average, and it projects 253,400 jobs in the future.


2. Information Security Developer


Also known as an information security analyst, this IT position ranks second on U.S. News’ list of the best IT jobs. As threats to cybersecurity grow throughout the world, the need for those willing to analyze, anticipate, prevent, and resolve the threats grows. Should you enter this line of work, you will be the security guard for your clients’ technology, and you’ll make about $92,600 each year to boot.


3. Information Technology Manager


Would you prefer to be the boss yourself? If so, you should look into becoming an IT manager. You will be in charge of all “computer-related activities for an organization,” says U.S. News, and you’ll get to call the shots over the IT personnel, too. IT project manager jobs salary per year averages $135,800, but you’ll make more in larger cities working for the government, major corporations, or as a consultant.


4. Computer Analyst


Fourth on U.S. News’ list is the computer systems analyst. To work in this field, you must possess a variety of skills, so plan on the need for education and job experience prior to applying for any openings. Your job here will be to create customized processes run on customized systems for your clients. As such, competition for positions is tighter than other IT openings and the salaries average $87,220.



5. Network Architect


Finally, a computer network architect builds local and cloud networks and then ensures they do what they need to do for those who use them. U.S. News reports the average annual salary at $101,210, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics boosts that median earning to $104,650. The BLS also projects a 6-percent increase in the need for network architects by 2026, which is average job demand growth.


This isn’t a surprise when you consider the popularity of cloud computing. More and more people are becoming reliant upon it and the security measures job number two on this list develops, but whichever job on this list appeals to you, or any other IT job for that matter, you’re sure to have a successful career. Why? Information technology remains strong, and as a new technology takes center stage, such as artificial intelligence, new demand for professionals continues to rise. Start your successful IT career.