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Hard Drive- a Better Option than any Other Storage Device

Disk drive, which is referred to as the hard drives or even hard disks has been the basis of computers. However with the advancement of technology, you may find several items that are alternatives to these hard disks. Nowadays, it is seen that Solid State Drive technology is gradually replacing the old technology of hard drive as they have quite quicker disc-less flash technology. Today, though faster servers use SSD system to increase the performance of various websites, they extensively operate hard disks and also a core storage means for such bigger files that are not involved directly in webpage loading process.

Price Factor

It is the main factor, which makes the hard disk drive more popular in spite of its slow speed. These are more inexpensive than that of the solid state drives. In the recent times, though the prices of the Solid State Drives are gradually decreasing, these are costlier than the HDD. An individual Hard Disk Drive can provide you with a number of terabytes of space in quite lesser cost. When you wish to create any personal server or like to begin a business that intensively requires lots and lots of storage space for data, you can utilize Hard Disk Drive as less inexpensive storage hardware.

Storage Capacity Factor

To some people, storage capacity is more important factor than the performance. The SSD provides quite much lesser quite space than the hard disk drives because of the limitation of latest flash technology. Any single HDD can offer you quite a lot of terabytes of storage area. External hard disk drives are commercially accessible in the market with maximum capacity of about 6TB. An SSD is rarely obtainable at capacities of 512GB. Even at such capacity they cost much more than the HDD.


Hard disk is generally available in two sizes. One of these is of 3.5-inch, and it is often utilized in desktop computers, while the other one is of 2.5-inch that is often utilized in laptops. Though size is not a problem in case of the internal hard disks, it decreases the portability and expediency of external hard disks. Small sized USB thumb drive, optical discs and also memory cards are quite more portable and engage less space around any computer than the hard disks, though their maximum capacities are lower.

Easy Portability

In spite of the fact that SSD may be turned into moveable drives, the portable hard disks are readily accessible in markets from genuine brands at a much reasonable prices. Such Portable hard disk will give you more storage capacity than the solid state drives. Thus, you will be able to carry all the records with you that might not fit in a single portable SSD.


Hard disks can take pressure, and these do not worn out easily. The SSD has limited read or write cycles; thus they die if exploited continuously. Moreover, the hard disk can be run 24 hours without the issue of losing data. Hence, these are recommended option for forming a server and even for PC where the application of system is much extensive. These are some of the factors for which hard disks are still used by many people.