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How to Play Hundreds of Games Totally Free

13 - webbozz.com_1And I mean totally free of charge, like with no ads and no annoying in-app purchase incentives constantly staring into your face. The secret to having a premium experience ad-free is to choose a paid gaming service – like the Royal Vegas online casino, for example – and use its free, “practice” mode to satisfy your gaming needs.

How to get started

To get started at the Royal Vegas casino first you will need to register an account. If you feel generally uneasy about handing over your personal information to a third party, fear not: the operation is subject to some of the strictest data protection rules on the planet, and is periodically audited by third parties to keep its services secure. After registering an account, you can move on to playing their games.

What types of games?

Don’t expect shooters and role playing games. What Royal Vegas has to offer is a collection of slot machines, roulette, card games and casual games, with an occasional arcade title here and there. Their game collection is similar to what you can find at DoubleDown or Big Fish, but without the ads and the in-app purchases – and, of course, it’s much larger.

What platforms does it cover?

All of them.

The Royal Vegas casino has a downloadable suite that runs on a Windows-based PC. This suite offers access to its complete collection of over 600 titles. You can play in a desktop browser window, but here the collection of games will be smaller (still over 300 titles to choose from), and in a mobile browser window, which offers you access to about 100 games.

No ads?

Absolutely none. The experience will be exactly the same as in case of the Royal Vegas real money service, only free of charge. Instead of charging money for replenishing your account, the operator will give you play money for free. You might see an occasional reminder to upgrade to a real account, but it won’t be intrusive at all.

How come it’s free?

Royal Vegas is a licensed real money online gaming operation, offering its customers paid online entertainment services. As an extra service, it offers its players the chance to test-drive its services completely free of charge, and with no time limit applied either. As such, the “practice mode” it offers replicates the exact functionality of its “real” service, only with no real money involved.

Is it safe?

Completely. Real money gaming services like the Royal Vegas casino are required by law to have some of the strictest security policies in place. So you can be sure that all your personal information – or your banking details, should you decide to give real money gaming a try – will be completely safe with them.