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ICIS – Human friendly wearable device

Laforge Optical – Icis, is a well known maker of new nose perched wearable device which is far classy and stylish than Google Glass with user friendly interface and the glasses look like any regular glasses resting on the nose. The CEO and Founder of this Google Glass alternative, Corey Mack, says that the difference between these wearable device and Google Glass is that Icis features prescription lenses where the need to attach something to regular glasses is not needed to obtain the benefit of hands free mobile device. He states that though Google Glass is their biggest competitor, their approach is quite different since they focus on creating device that people don’t mind being seeing in.



He further states that the process is similar to eyewear designer Warby Parker’s where one gets a set of frames for trial before finalizing the frame of one’s choice. Once the selection is done, the prescription is sent through an optometrist depending on the region and Laforge delivers the completed product. The Icis glasses have a battery life of six hours focused on making the eyewear a central hub for notifications similar to Smartphone via a new SocialFlo mobile application which includes complex notification like turn based directions from map application.

A Premium version, Icis Bold, features a camera with microphone and speaker which has placed it on par with Google Glass. It is a fashion friendly device having the camera embedded in a pair of eyewear and Sync Icis get notification from the Smartphone via Bluetooth where one does not have to look up or to the right as in the case with Google Glass since the Icis’s information is conveyed from the cloud which is displayed around the wearer’s field of vision.


Moreover it supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Icis wearable device is a fashion tech product which comes in a variety of colors and styles which is open to international consumers.

Corey Mack has his vision in having a turnkey solution in manufacturing which could make one walk to a eye shop and have the potential of getting the exact dimensions of eyewear in an hour’s time.