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What is Sales CRM and Why You Should Be Using It

Every business needs to stay on top of sales. In the same way that individuals rely on technology to store contact information for their friends, businesses need to do the same for their clients. But beyond names, email addresses, and phone numbers, they also need to keep track of what clients purchase, where they work and what their recurring needs are. The most modern and effective way of doing this is through customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM Defined

CRM software helps you as a business owner to organize information and manage your interactions with both current and prospective customers and clients. Beyond being just an address book, CRM tools help you to keep track of interactions with clients. You can easily identify which member of the sales team was last in contact with them. You can also see patterns in their purchases and develop insights into what else they may need from you. CRM helps you to better understand the customer so you can better meet their needs and keep them happy.

Let’s discuss some specific ways in which sales CRM can benefit your business.

How Sales CRM Helps Businesses

One of the key things a CRM system can address is the problem of data storage. Let’s say you’re offering a new product or service which you think may be of interest to a particular customer. Unless there is a record of who spoke to them last and when you run the risk of annoying them by calling or emailing again. A CRM would make it easy to see whether the customer has been contacted and whether they have expressed interest in the product.

On a related note, CRM also improves organizational communication. If a client calls, reps can check the system to see who normally helps them, so they don’t step on anyone’s toes. Even when individuals aren’t in the office, their knowledge and experience with a client are available to other sales reps.

CRM is also advantageous for managers. When all the reps are recording client interactions, in the same way, it can be easier to get an overall picture of leads and conversions. There is no need to interpret each rep’s data if everyone is using a standardized system. Consistent reporting also makes it easier to move a client from one rep to another if necessary.

Sales CRM also gives you a tool that can grow with your business. If you only have a handful of customers, manual tracking may seem like it’s enough now. If you only have two or three staff members, you can verbally check client details with each other. However, when your customer base grows and you hire more staff, manual records won’t work anymore. Even if your business is small now, you most likely want to grow, so a CRM is essential. You just need a system which is easy to implement and use even in the early stages. CRM adoption is guaranteed with Spiro so you may want to consider this.

CRM tools are an absolute must for any business. While it may not seem like a worthwhile investment for a small operation, it is an important part of engaging with current and potential customers and clients. Begin looking at your options today.