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3 Things You Should Know about VoIP


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a helpful tool many businesses utilize to make phone service cheaper and improve employee productivity. Here are three things you should know about VoIP.

1. You Need an Internet Connection

The most essential tool required for a VoIP program is a high-speed internet connection. If you’re interested in switching to VoIP from a traditional phone system, be sure to get your internet connection and bandwidth checked. A potential risk when making the transition is that your bandwidth won’t be large enough to handle the higher data usage caused by employees making phone calls via an internet connection. If your bandwidth isn’t enough, you can always upgrade to a more robust internet service package before transitioning.

2. You Need Certain Equipment

To operate a VoIP properly, you will need some different equipment than you would for a landline phone. Aside from the internet connection, you will also need either a computer with an adaptor or a specialized phone, depending on the system you choose to use. Some VoIPs work best on internet-connected phones while others act as another software program on your computer. If you use a computer for your VoIP, be sure to use a good quality microphone for your calls, too.

3. You Can Improve Productivity

A VoIP program can assist in decreasing the amount of time employees spend on the phone. The main way it does this is by reducing instances of phone tag between employees. Because multiple devices can have the software installed on them and then connect to the same account, an employee who has the program on his or her computer and phone is more likely to be able to answer a call even when away from his or her desk. This prevents the caller from having to leave messages or try again and keeps the recipient in the loop.

VoIP can be a great option if you need to lower costs or streamline your equipment needs.