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Apple is Now Unlocked SIM-Free iPhone X Version in The United States

SIM-free iPhone X

SIM-free iPhone X

Apple is now unlocked SIM-free iPhone X model through its Apple Store app, website, and sales places. The unlocked model of the iPhone X, which starts at $999 in the US.

SIM-free iPhone X

Previously, it was available only if you bought it through Best Buy or Verizon; they charged a $100 premium over financed carrier model of the iPhone X until the customer backlash pushed the shop owner to pull the device totally.

Now, you can buy the SIM-free iPhone X on Apple’s website or Apple Store app or retailer shop, you’ll have the choice to select the variant to buy either a GSM or CDMA version of the iPhone X. All SIM-free iPhone X models ordered by today will send to the buyer on 12th December.

That iPhone X model works with either Sprint or Verizon or and AT&T. This new choice scheduled under SIM-free.

Let’s you purchase the latest variant of SIM-free iPhone X, that means you can now easily bring it to any transporter or use it with a prepaid SIM card.

There is no huge difference between the previous version of the iPhone X and this new SIM-free iPhone X version.

The previous model has for years sold iPhones; even Apple’s upcoming flagship also will unlock and with you can easily to move freely between both CDMA and GSM networks.

SIM-free iPhone X

However, you’ve just need Verizon account credentials to make the purchase. Now, if you happen to switch SIM networks a lot on the go, or shift regularly between iOS and Android. The SIM-free type is the best hassle-free version of the iPhone X that you can buy.