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Best 40 and 42-Inches Smart TVs

If you are looking for the best of 42-inches smart TV in the market, read this review to know more about it. Flat large screen will be the best partner to experience the theater feel at your home, which is available in different range and different size, if you select the higher range screen size TV such as the 50, 55 or 65 price range also will increase, so prefer the 40 to 42 inches smart TV if you consider the budget as a major factor. So here’s the list of our current best 40-inch and 42-inch TVs,

Samsung UE40H6400:

The Samsung UE40H6400 offers full HD pictures, rich colors, and better contrast and more, which boasts a Quad core processor and the excellent Smart Hub. The Samsung UE40H6400 supports file types like AVI, MOV, MKV, and WMV, audio compatibility covers WAV, FLAC, MP3 and WMA. You can get this Smart TV with the price of €577.99.

Sony KDL-42W653A:

The Sony KDL-42W653A is the budget based smart mobile with the 42 inches screen, when compared to the Samsung UE40H6400 has 40 inches with the price of €577.99 but the Sony KDL-42W653A is the 42 inches TV with the price of £550. The Sony KDL-42W653A offers better picture quality, Strong video processing and more.dc9a115a7a506968cbe25bfb9e32

Samsung UE42F5500:

The Samsung UE42F5500 offers Smart Hub, Digital file support, Wi-Fi Low price and Uniform brightness, LED backlit LCD TV with a 50Hz native Full HD panel with the low price.samsung-ue42f5500-face-cote-g

Other best 40 and 42-Inches Smart TVs:

In the recent market you can also find the Toshiba 40L3453DB, Finlux 40F8073-T, Panasonic TX-L42E6B, Samsung UE40F6400, Panasonic TX-L42DT65, Sony KDL-40W905A, Samsung UE40F8000 and more.

So procure your own Smart TV and discover the new way of cinema experience at home itself within the budget.