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Making the Best buy in Pre-owned Bikes in Mumbai

Used motorcycle or scooter buying isn’t really easy, but is certainly one of the paramount ways to get exceptional value for your cash, provided you have the knowledge of how to get it. Here we are breaking down some seemingly complicated process into some simple tips, which may help you to get second hand bikes in Mumbai with a rational value in the already complicated market.


At this instant that you have a reasonable budget, you can go for weighing available options. A meticulous research and survey of the market for the most excellent available models will help you to clinch your favorite buy. To understand available options, you have to follow online and newspaper advertisements apart from visits to reliable dealer/s. Now the things could be checked; whether the bike is still in production? About the after sale service, model reliability, availability of spare parts etc. for better result.


Though the buying pre-owned bikes in Mumbai is a thrilling thing, but one should not get carried away because in reality, it’s best to select a bike that is realistic, persistent and most notably should be within your budget. Thus, while you have a reasonable budget in place, consider to keep some extra money for minor repairs or adjustments.


The test ride will help the buyer to have a first hand knowledge of the bike’s actual condition and formulation an idea about the repair and changes to be made on it.

Things to be checked:

  1. Whether the engine noise is harsher than natural?
  2. Does the gearbox shifting smoothly?
  3. Is the clutch sensing too stiff?
  4. Wheels trembling are normal or not?
  5. Does it produce some noise at the time of braking?
  6. Make sure that the coalition of the bike is proper.


It’s always advisable to examine the bike closely after the test ride, hence one can identify any concealing of defects or spot by the seller.

Some vital points of checking:

  1. Engine head
  2. Drum Brakes
  3. Disc Brakes
  4. Clutch
  5. Electricals
  6. Wheels
  7. Tyres
  8. Alignment
  9. Rust


It is always good to have a second opinion from a reliable source, which will help the buyer to finalize the buy second hand Hero Honda bikes in Mumbai. In the enthusiasm of buying the bike one could have failed to notice something important but if there be any acquaintance or relative, the decision might be far more constructive


The bike’s documents required to be in perfect condition. Confirm if the seller of the bike is essentially the owner on documents as well. Checking is required; if the bike is more than 15 years older because it might be requiring a fit certificate from RTO.


Keep in mind to bargain healthy before you finalize the bike. Once you struck the transaction, guarantee to get the set of transfer documents being signed on the essential pages. Scrutiny has to be done that the sign matches with the one on the registration certificate.