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New Way to Drive in Future- Navdy Head-Up Display

Navdy’s new product in the name of Navdy will make the driving so comfortable by its turn-by-turn directions, messaging, and audio information in front of the drivers view, so the driver can drive the car without any disturb. Let’s see what the other things it going to be offer for us.

New Navdy head-up display will offers wide range of information to the drivers and also offers gesture control also. The Navdy head-up display will place on your car’s dashboard exactly in front of the driver. The main work of this device is to projects the images on transparent screen that sticks up a few inches from the device. So you can see the images with full-color graphics and it resembles like floating over the road.image 1

It also provides more useful to the drivers, Navdy offer an app that integrates a driver’s iPhone or Android mobiles with the head up display, which starts to project images with turn-by-turn directions, in front of the driver. If suppose you are mobile getting call, the Navdy head up display will shows the contact information over the screen and also tells currently playing music info.

Initially we mentioned that Navdy offers a number of gesture control features along with the many features, for that a camera mounted in this device to takes the gesture control information from the driver. If you want to answer your incoming call just do the Swiping your hand to the left to answer. To avoid the Navdy confusing from the random gestures, it is programmed in that way, when the gesture becoming active only during a phone calls or other gesture-controllable activities.navdy-002

To make your driving more comfortable the Navdy includes a device microphone, which helps you to use Google Voice and Siri when Navdy paired with your phone. This feature allows you to interact with your phone, starting navigation, answer the incoming calls and music playback without pickup you’re mobile while driving.

So the great Navdy is important for the drivers to experience the new way of driving.