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Pimping out Your Social Media Profiles

If you have a business, you will no doubt have various social media accounts that are also along for the ride. After all, using the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is an integral part of online marketing these days.

With that said, making the most of social media is not as straightforward as it seems. This is true to the point that plenty of companies do not utilize these platforms effectively.

If you are currently in this position – or feel like you’re headed that way – read on for some top tips as to how you can ‘pimp’ out your social media profiles.

Appearance is everything

Well, it’s not quite everything, but the appearance of your social media is one of the most vital aspects to retaining customers on your pages. This is because visual appeal is something that has a significant impact on everyday life, and that also encompasses internet usage.

So, this means that you should be combining posts and Tweets with high-quality images on a regular basis. In addition, add a clean profile picture that clearly illustrates your company, while you could also make a banner that promotes your products and promotions.

Provide your info

It might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many fail to provide basic info that relates to their business.

As a result, you should supply all relevant information in a concise and easily digestible format. Facebook has a complete section where it is possible to list your hours of operation, location and general info. However, you will have to get creative with the likes of Instagram and Twitter – these platforms only have a short description box to fill in details about your company.

Stay updated

Creating regular content is particularly imperative to having a successful marketing campaign with social media.

Although it should be noted that you don’t want to post to such a degree that you’re considered to be ‘spamming’ someone’s timeline, creating one or two posts a day is recommended – doing this will mean that you stay within the consciousness of customers. Furthermore, and due to being much more visible than if you had a dormant social media account, it will also give you a higher chance overall of attracting the attention of potential consumers.

Respond to enquiries

While you might have a dedicated contact/enquiry form of your website, there is a growing trend for customers to simply contact a business via social media. Well, instead of going against the grain and directing people to your specific contact details for help, use this to your advantage: reply directly to customers via social media.

Not only is it possible to crank out feedback at a faster pace than via the traditional email route, but it can also make your business look good. With regards to the latter, you could make your responses visible to the general public – even if it’s negativefeedback, people will appreciate that you show the care and attention to respond in a professional manner.