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Portable Battery Bank – PNY PowerPack DCM2200/DCL2200/T2600

Power Banks are the indispensable, at present days. In spite of over usage of mobile phones, causes the quick energy losses in battery. To charge these batteries, where ever you are, we need a power banks obviously. The Power banks are the better one, during traveling. Here our review, states the features of PNY PowerPack.

PNY power banks are ultra-portable power banks, especially for any mobile device. It looks slightly larger and heavier than a cigarette lighter, it can be easily carry to everywhere in a briefcase, handbag or even a jacket pocket, because it weights 60g. The DCL2200 and DCM2200 range of power banks are designed significantly for smartphone users. Both having 2,200mAh charge capacity, which able to charge your drained smart mobile.

DCL2200 Power bank has the Direct Lightning connector that must connects directly with the iPhone. You no need to carry a lighting cable everywhere. Cost of this power bank is £26.99. Usually Apple charge £25 for such kind of cables. The DCL2200 Power bank save you from that, even under less cost.PNY-POWER-STICK

DCL2200 Power bank able to charge 1,810mAh battery iPhone 6 and 1,560mAh battery iPhone 5s completely for once. But the iPhone 6 plus has 2,915mAh battery so you will get around 70 percent charge by using DCL2200 Power bank.

Based on the phone’s internal battery capacity, few Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users recommended the DCM2200 PowerPack that also extend the battery life of a smart mobile for one full charge. The cost of DCM2200 PowerPack is £17.99. It makes your charging easy with the built-in Micro-USB connector that plugs in and fits flush against the bottom of a smartphone that uses a Micro USB charger.

This compact PNY also available under different ranges as T2600,T5200,T7800,T10400 with a Universal USB output for the widest range of devices. For Android, you can use the Micro USB or Lightning cable for iPhones and iPads. The PNY PowerPack introduced the easy-to-read LED battery level indicators, so you can easily tell how power remaining in your power bank.

Heavy power banks of PNY, begin with 2,600mAh PowerPack, which can charge twice your average battery smart mobile and it cost £11.99. Then T5200 (5,200mAh) offers couple of full charges to your smart mobile, cost of the T5200 is £19.99. Cost of T7800 is £29.99 and T10400 is £39.99, which allow you to charge the tablet or many smart mobiles.

Buy your portable PNY PowerPack and carry it everywhere.