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Intocircuit Power Mini 3000 Power Bank review

In present day, usage of electronic devices on day-to-day basis is increasing. When we work more, with electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets, we have to ready to, face the battery power problem. Obviously your work going to suck your battery power. Your work must be interrupted, in spite of lots of energy consume. For this power bank are designed. These power banks must help you to get rid of this.

To extend your mobile usage somewhat more, you need a power bank. After the market, two varieties of power banks available. On the one hand you have high-capacity power banks that are big, bulky, heavy power bank and can’t able to carry over everywhere. Example of heavy power bank, EC Technology 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank. It can able to charge iPhone at least 5 to 10 times.

On the other hand you have smaller 2000- to 3000mAh capacity power banks, that are cheaper, compact and light enough. You can easily carry it everywhere. Example of lighter power bank, Olixar’s PC810 Power Bank . It can able to charge iPhone once.

But the new Intocircuit Power Mini 3000 Power Bank is a better one. Let’s see the review of it.

The Intocircuit PowerMini takes the advantages from these two kind of devices and eliminates the drawbacks of both. The cost of Intocircuit is just £10.99 but the lighter power bank Olixar cost is £39. The 2000mAh Olixar wont allow you to charge completely but the Intocircuit PowerMini 3000mAh capacity charge completely. You can carry it to everywhere easily, because it measures 128x80x28mm and weights 118g.

The Intocircuit has outlook with matte gunmetal grey aluminium case with rounded corners. It has power button and a blue three-LED system. The LED system indicates how much power remains, each LED represents 1000mAh. Just plug in the device with the smart mobile via USB and On the power button , double tap switch the LED torch light on.pmini4

You can charge this PowerMini 3000 Power Bank on your PC’s USB port or you can use your smart mobile charger. It allows you to charge this device and at the same time you can charge your mobile too. When compared to the 3000mAh Smartstick+, the PowerMini 3000 Power Bank fill your smart mobile faster with 1A input.

The PowerMini 3000 Power Bank device is durable enough to carry around on its own and the best external power storage device.