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Uncluttered Experience with Dynamic Perspective Even It Makes Heck

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos ended the long term speculation regards, the new dynamic perspective feature that swirls over the internet, by an announcement on stage at the Seattle event. The proclamation finally reveals the unveiled Fire Phone’s 3D technology. Amazon’s feature-packed Fire phone’s team embarked working on this over twice a couple of years ago; now we will take a little keen view on its working and so on.

Trigger your viewing experience, a level more by this dynamic Perspective feature, to acquire this Fire Phone comes with four new front-facing sensors and one usual selfie camera, this setup allows the device to track user’s head rotation at all times, it also added up with the infrared LEDs also , which means it can track you even in darkness.

For quick guessing, the wallpaper will seem more alive and get the keen view from the unseen part your eye view on mobile screen by tilting the phone or moving your head, which resembles how you’re looking at something in the real world. So tilt the phone to view more over the screen while using apps like Maps and landmarks pop with an immerse view.

Now your mobile menus can be easily accessed by a tilt to the left or right, which yields awesome platform for single hand use and Amazon officials also added, they designed the OS purposely, to behave this way to offer an uncluttered experience.

Too sensitive makes heck:

Although the list of Dynamic Perspective’s wonders is endless that makes somewhat heck while playing game, this sensitive 3D screen, respond for every tiny movement of hand, body, or head which causes the background to vibrate, obviously this environment push the user towards an uncomfortable zone. Obviously user would be impressed for five minutes or few days, but the end they only to wish it to go away from the Dynamic Perspective feature by turn it off.

Let’s wait to experience the dynamic perspective feature over the Amazon’s Fire Phone screen.