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Why Google Play Newsstand is Need

As a smart mobile user, I do moreover it like surfing, playing, reading e books, chatting and more. One day I saw more than 25 apps which sucks my mobile battery life, which are almost built in apps. So far I even never touch those apps, at least once a while. So I decided to know how these apps are working and how it is useful to me. If these not worthy for me i will trash, and place an another app over there. This is the root-cause for this review.

Begin with the Google Play Newsstand, one of the recently launched Google’s news reader app. The vital goal of this app is to replace Google Currents and allow you to access numerous digital magazines and more. The Google Play Newsstand is designed with the easy understandable UI platform. UI of the Google Play Newsstand is really ease of use and amalgamates all your favourite news, magazines and RSS sources in to one.My-news

You can easily download and subscribe your favourite magazine from the Google Play’s magazine rack, effortlessly. Get this wonderful Google Play Newsstand under Google play store. The major reason behind this app launch, to eliminate or replace the old version of Google Reader. Old Google Reader replace apart, allow the users to upgrade Google Currents in one go. So as a user i can read all and addition to this incorporates a magazine and newspaper subscription services.

Over the Google play store, the News and RSS rack has been completely filled by the apps like Flipboard and Feedly and more. How the Google Play Newsstand stack up against these? The new Google Play Newsstand is really pretty overall, because it is well pretty like Feedly and Flipboard. Additionally, Newsstand is beautiful to use, due to its exceptionally smooth interface and everything is designed perfectly.

You can enjoy the various fields of news reading in new Google Play Newsstand such as most of the popular news, technology and lifestyle sites and so on. Unlike these apps, Google included magazine subscription service. User can’t easily trace out apps for magazine subscription service easily even under Google Play Store. The magazine subscription service is utterly works well, you can subscribe whatever magazine you want to read.

Google offers free services to trial, which enhances all and really works well. If i use rather than a mobile, i can get difference and much free services to trial. But it definitely offer inconsistency in your reading experience. If you are begin to read the less popular sources, you will be redirected to the website and not able to read in the app itself.

Apart this the Google Play Newsstand, work pretty well.