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Top 5 Reasons To Ensure Your Business Has Online Presence

The internet is without a doubt the most important resource for your business. Without access to the internet, your business cannot find a full range of suppliers. Without a presence online your customers can’t find you. It doesn’t matter whether you sell goods and services online or not. Your business should be listed in directories and search engines for customers to find out more about what you do. Here are the top five details your business should publish online:

  1. Company contact details – Include phone numbers and email addresses. Customers may want to speak to customer services or sales teams. You will also want to publish your website address. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, contact a company that specializes in web design to assist you. You may want to update your opening hours, or tweak your product offerings. Perhaps now is the time to start selling online? If it is, you will need to upgrade your website to include a shopping cart facility and secure payment pages.
  2. What you do – Your company mission statement should appear on your home page. A brief summary of the products you sell or the services you provide should appear on your directory listings too. This helps people searching for what you sell to find your company instead of your competitors. Think about local SEO if you have a retail business like a cafe. You want to include details about where you are. For example, you may publish that you are a “traditional tea room in Oxford”, or an “out-of-hours Sydney Recovery service”.
  3. Your achievements – If you have won awards then place those details on every page. If you have great customer feedback post that on there too. Anything you have that proves you are credible and trustworthy is essential to your website. This is especially true if you are trying to sell online. Years of experience and trading also count as brag-worthy details. Get them on there, together with your certification.Two facing laptops with an arm emerging from each screen and shaking hands on a white background
  4. Your product information – Without information and details on your products, it’s hard to sell. Photos, demonstration videos, dimensions, examples of application, and the price are all key details. You can then start building up a blog or other content to increase the value of your website to your customers. You want them to visit your website again and again, and you want their visit to last as long as possible. Engage them by providing useful information. It all goes toward improving your SEO too.
  5. Your character – Use your pages, and the tone of your content to make it easy to identify the character of your company. Branding is essential to help people remember you, and also to help customers relate to you. Keep your messages and tone consistent in every communication. This includes directory listings, online advertisements, and content.It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or how you normally sell your products and services. A website puts you on the map and makes you accessible from anywhere on the planet. Make sure your business is making the internet work hard for you.